Artist Statement

At VCB, we are dedicated to creating ballet that tells real stories about women, challenging the traditional narrative that portrays them as mere romantic partners or spurned lovers. We believe that women are complex and complete individuals with important roles in society throughout history, and our work aims to highlight this.

Equality is at the core of our mission. We believe that dancers should not be seen as mere vessels for the choreographer’s vision, but rather as equal partners in the creative process. We prioritize the well-being of the individuals involved in our productions over the final product, recognizing that art is not a commodity.

Additionally, we are committed to paying our dancers a living wage. In the dance industry, dancers often have to take on multiple jobs and work long hours in order to support themselves and their artistic practice. As the artistic director, I will not ask dancers to sacrifice their health and financial stability for the sake of our art. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with the public, while always keeping the well-being of our dancers in mind.

Photo Credit: Jason Herd

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